• Reel and Jig 11

  • Piparo Spring (Saturday Morning)

  • bele and drum

  • Up Fox

Tobago Art

Tobago Art has functioned since the first quarter of 2002. It was founded by artist Nazim Baksh with the main intention of  taking the islands artistic products to a wider international audience. Do enjoy!


Tobago is an island that is rich with history, having changed hands numerous times among colonial powers such as the French, Spanish and English. As a result, the Tobago Heritage festival, carnival and our architecture in particular reflect that history. Elements of this diverse historical experience are represented through the paintings displayed here.

Pounding Cocoa

Reel and Jig


The change of ownership has shaped the behaviours, beliefs, practices and all aspects of the island’s culture.We have developed a vibrant and engaging culture captured in the art as expressions of our oral tradition, dance, musical instruments and culinary delights.